7 Ways to Burn Extra Calories While You’re At Work


Businesses employ troves of office workers that spend most of their days in cubicles, filing paperwork, shuffling around documents, and entering necessary information into computerized information systems. While these procedures are necessary for organizations, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to carry out business functions, employees often lead highly sedentary work lives.

White-collar office jobs pay better and offer further career advancement opportunities than their hard labor, blue-collar counterparts. Many people who work in offices choose to do so because of such salary benefits and career potential opportunities, simultaneously potentially risking health problems due to lack of physical activity at work. Fortunately, there are several activities those employed in white-collar capacities can engage in to help burn extra calories while at work. Let’s get into some of them you can try out the next time you clock into the office.


1. Opt for stairwells instead of elevators

If your place of employment has multiple floors — and it probably does — take the stairs instead of elevators. Studies have indicated that climbing eight flights of stairs per day can lower average risk of early death by 33%, compared to those who regularly take elevators, thereby avoiding stair stepping.

2. Rolling chair = ab workout

As long as your chair rolls well, hold your feet up from the ground, and grab your desk. This exercise is easy given your chair seat swivels. It works the oblique abdominal muscles, toning your tummy, sides, and back.

3. Consider calf raises while standing around

Calf raises are simple to perform, regardless of age, physical health, or athletic capability. Simply stand in place with your feet close together, rest on the balls of your feet, and slowly pump up and down. When printing documents, waiting for lines to shorten, or doing other necessary work procedures while standing up, make use of this simple exercise.


4. Take short breaks from computer work to squat

Squats incorporate every leg muscle, particularly glutes — a medically-appropriate term for butt muscles — hamstrings, and quadriceps. After working at your computer or filling out tall stacks of paperwork for 15 minutes, do squats until you get tired. After all, you sit down all day, most likely.

5. Do shoulder warmup exercises

You don’t have to stand up for this calorie-burning activity! While sitting down, try rolling your shoulders around and around to get the blood flowing. Consider using weights to burn more calories than without using them for shoulder presses with free weight dumbbells or some other exercise. You can stretch resistance bands between your arms, by holding one tightly between your shoulders above your head, then extending your arms outwards.

6. Wall pushups are great, too

Lean into a sturdy wall at an angle. Perform pushups just like you would on the ground. Feel free to add a backpack full of materials to add extra weight, in effect jolting your metabolism to burn more calories. You should eat protein afterward to gain maximum muscle mass.

7. Walk everywhere you can go

Instead of eating lunch inside, go outside and eat. Many people eat lunch in the office, “relaxing” from a long, tiring day of office life. Not getting enough exercise contributes to this phenomenon, building up muscle tension that is necessary to relieve.

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