Let me design a plan for you…

You’re busy. Very busy. I get that. Your work and life require you to look your best. And let’s be real…YOU require you to look your best. You’re driven and goal-oriented and you need a fitness solution to match. This is where I come in.

My customized training program is a cutting-edge, comprehensive system that sculpts a sexy, lean and supple body. Integral to my system is YOU. I will teach you an approach to exercise that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. You will embody the phrase “feeling amazing in my skin”. My insights into the way you exercise will transform your body. Using these methods you will stop punishing your body and instead treat it with kindness and care. You will have an unmistakable vitality and presence that will have your friends asking you what you’re doing differently. You will light up every room you enter from the inside out. Want in?


As a ballerina, I spent my life molding my body. As a ballet teacher I spent years molding the bodies of some of the brightest talent in dance. What I discovered is that the rigors of dance can change the shape of the body but it’s the performer that moves intelligently, the one who uses her brain that reaches her full potential. The mental game is a huge piece of the puzzle, which is why I love working with smart people. I taught the students and company members of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. I trained and performed with several companies in Chicago and New York. I hold 2 Pilates certifications (classical and contemporary) and have trained with and been certified by James D’Silva, creator of the Garuda apparatus and Bill Hedberg, creator of Shen Tao. I have helped thousands of women create massive change in their bodies and in their lives. Teaching is one of my natural gifts and I love my work.

“As a former ballerina, Shonda’s personal experience and knowledge of human physiology inform her scientific approach to identifying and working on weak areas of the body. Shonda’s expertise is balanced by her wonderful disposition, making her an inspiring, challenging and awesome teacher.”

Trudie Styler, Actor & Philanthropist

“Shonda truly cares about her clients. She’s always dreaming up new ways to keep me on my toes. I never get bored.”

Shara Kabakow, TV Producer

“My leggings were suddenly too big. I lost weight, my thighs were thinner without having to stress out.”

Sandy Tabatznik,

Listen, I was not the ideal ballerina. My body is not naturally thin. And at first, I fought with my body. I tried to force it to adhere to strict diets and massive amounts of exercise and it worked for a while but then my body rebelled. When you’re young the body allows for certain indiscretions but as I got older my body would no longer allow me to abuse it. That’s when I discovered yoga and Pilates. Both amazing systems that train the brain as much as the body which is why I incorporate them into my method. But they miss other key components that create the body I know you want. Cardiovascular Endurance, Cross-Training, Dance-based Movement, Self-Treatment, Grace Training…this is what Bradford Method adds. I credit this system with keeping me lean for years and helping my students change not just their bodies but their lives. Using innovation and imagination to keep the mind and body engaged to create real change. This is essential for a happy, healthy body and soul.

So, bring me your goals and I’ll design the perfect plan for you. No more blending into the background in large group classes. No more cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all workouts. No more mindless, repetitious leg lifts. With your focus and determination and my innovation and motivation, we can reach amazing heights. Let me help you soar!


Private Training with me is truly personal training. It’s you and me and your goal. Our guiding force is that we both want to see you succeed. There has to be commitment to the work and to yourself, a zest for learning new things, persistence and determination. That’s why I like to meet with you so that we can ‘feel each other out’ and make sure that we will work well together.

Some of the traits I like in students are:

  • a positive attitude can go a long way when you’re trying to make major change in your body and life.

  • willingness to learn and try new things…my method is all about experimentation. I am constantly presenting new ways to challenge you and keep you moving towards your goal. If you like doing the same boring thing over and over with no variation then you won’t like this work. I like to have fun and keep things interesting.

  • try, try, try…I love working with people of all levels. From beginners with no experience to advanced dancers and athletes and every level in between, I relish the challenge. However, people who give up, don’t try or make excuses aren’t a good fit.

  • There are other qualities that you can bring too…a warm heart, a sense of humor, respect for others, just to name a few.



1 Private Session + 2 Semi-Private Classes each week for 12 consecutive weeks

Unlimited Trampoline Barre Class

Initial Consultation with Photos, Weights + Measurements

Nutrition Consultation

Equipment for Home Studio

Access to Videos

Weekly Check-ins

The body of your dreams can now be a reality. My unparalleled approach to fitness uses springs, bands and pulleys to permanently alter the shape of your body. Bradford Method is an exercise system that delivers real results. If you’re truly ready to uncover your best body and your healthiest, happiest life – Let’s Get Started!


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